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Smart, Simple, Safe Drainage Solutions

Global Drain Technologies (GDT) is a leader in engineering and manufacturing drainage system products. 

Trusted by the best engineers, architects and contractors worldwide.

We are dedicated to providing smart, simple and safe drainage systems that are purpose built for a range of industries while offering excellent service to our customers.

Global Drain Technologies (GDT) is a leader in manufacturing drainage system products and providing drainage solutions that work. Our passion for excellence and perfection continually drives us to seek innovations for both indoor and outdoor drainage systems for a range of facilities. We offer purpose-built and industry-specific drainage solutions that are unique to each industry we serve.

When it comes to excellent drainage design principles, we are the best bet as our experts are well-grounded in the experience specific to each application and understand the consequences of inadequate drainage systems, whether inside a facility or outdoors.


FoodSafe Drains focuses on high-quality sanitary drainage systems for the food and beverage industries. FoodSafe Drains provide drainage solutions for facilities that deal with meat, poultry, seafood, pet food, as well as wineries and breweries.

Slot Drain Systems are the world’s first slotted trench drainage solution that excludes traditional grates. Slot Drain Systems focus on manufacturing purpose-built drainage systems for farms, warehouses, regulated manufacturing facilities, residencies, automotive facilities, car washes, zoos, and agricultural facilities.

LandScape Drains manufactures sleek, stylish, and easy-to-maintain drainage systems for pools, patios, walkways, sidewalks, and courtyards. We provide the go-to solution for landscape professionals who need to install perfect drainage systems.


Global Drain Technologies products are installed in applications worldwide. From Jamaica to the Maldives to Kalamazoo! When you partner with Global Drain Technologies, you get a complete drainage solution.

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We can provide the complete solution. We are consultative on your design and recommend the right solutions for your specific needs

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